About us


Lily Music School is located in Hurstville, providing music lessons for everyone who loves music. We are dedicated to share the wonders of music to the community. Whether it be a child of three or simply a person who never got the chance to learn an instrument, our school is inspired to teach students from the ground up to achieve high levels of musical proficiency. Our school consists of numerous qualified, professional teachers with many years of teaching experience, offering to share their passion for music courses and to nurture student development in a friendly and comfortable learning environment. 

Communication plays a vital role in one's development in music. Thus, while it is important to encourage strong engagement between student and teacher to monitor growth and process, it is equally as important as for us to involve parent feedbacks to enhance the development of not only the student, but also the school itself.

Our main goal is to maintain a high standard of musicianship whilst inspiring the present and future generations of passionate musicians. 


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