Congratulations to Helen Xu passed LmusA with distinction, Ashley Zhang passed LmusA and Vivian Yuen passed AmusA in 2016!

Congratulations to George Lee, Rachel Jiang and Frank Wang Passed AmusA in 2015.

Congratulations to Janice Lai who passed LmusA. Ashley Zhang who passed AmusA with Distinction.

Ophilia Kong, Lorraine Li and Erica Lui who passed AmusA in 2014. 


Outstanding Results:

LmusA and AmusA Diploma:

Kathy Zhang

Sydney Opera House Encore concert piano solo performerpassed AmusA in 2016!

(14 years)          2005     AmusA Diploma
Alfred Chu (15 years)   2006 AmusA Diploma
Eva Cheng (16 years)   2007 AmusA Diploma
Richard Lin (13 years)   2009 AmusA Diploma
Verdy Guo (13 years)   2010 AmusA with Distinstion
Joanna Ding (13 years)   2010 AmusA Diploma
Terrence Zhu (15 years)   2010 AmusA Diploma
Jessie Bao (17 years)   2010 AmusA Diploma
Angelina Xu (13 years)   2011 AmusA Diploma
Jessica Yao (13 years)   2011 AmusA Diploma
Mimi Feng (15 years)   2011 AmusA Diploma
Verdy Guo (15 years)    2012 LmusA with Distinction
Helen Xu (12 years)   2012 AmusA
Edwin Lai (15 years)   2012 AmusA
Haiming Huang      2012 AmusA
Melody Wang     2013 AmusA
Ruth Wang  (13 Years)     2013 AmusA
Kylie Deng     2013 AmusA
Janice Lai     2013 AmusA
Janice Lai      2014 LmusA
Ashley Zhang     2014 AmusA with Distinstion
Ophilia Kong     2014 AmusA
Lorraine Li     2014 AmusA
Erica Liu     2014 AmusA
Monty Guo(Violin)     2014 AmusA
Rachel Jiang     2015 AmusA
Frank Wang     2015 AmusA
George Lee     2015 AmusA
Helen Xu     2016 LmusA with Distinction
Ashley      2016 LmusA
Vivian Yuen     2016 AmusA
Kathy Zhang   A   8th grade
Angelina Xu   A   8th grade
Helen Xu (11 years) A 2011 8th grade
Edwin Lai   A 2011 8th grade
Amit Deep   A 2011 8th grade
George Chen   A+   8th grade for leisure
Jessie Cheng   A   8th grade for leisure
Helen Xu   A+   7th grade
Verdy Guo   A+   7th grade
Stella Luo   A+   7th grade
Richard Lin   A   7th grade
Joathan Li   A   7th grade
Garox Lee   A   7th grade
Jenice Lai   A   7th grade
Belinda Xu   A+   6th grade
Verdy Guo   A   6th grade
Richard Lin   A   6th grade
Rachel Jiang     2011 6th grade
Kathy Zhang   A   6th grade
Andrew Wang   A+   5th grade
Mimi Feng   A+   5th grade
Jason Feng   A+   5th grade
Helen Xu   A+   5th grade
Richard Lin   A+   5th grade
Tatianna Zhu   A   5th grade
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